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While we just posted about the TITAN II's no show and we're still unsure about the Lumia 900, evidently Microsoft Corporate VP of Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore knows what's going on.  See update to story.

As usual, the problem is either related to certification/finalized firmware for AT&T or Nokia building up enough supply. At least that's how we're reading this message (via Facebook) exchanged with WPCentral reader Aamer Khan just a few hours ago:

Facebook conversation

Khan: Any word on the Lumia 900 for ATT? Word on the sesame street is March 16th? Would you like to comment?

Belfiore: Dear Aamer there are some problems..nothing serious. Probably Lumia 900 ATT will arrive in April...stay tuned bye

Though the specifics are unknown it sounds like the normal hiccups with getting a new device out the door and getting a large launch lined up.  Of course that does little to satisfy the majority of you who are itching to get this phone as soon as possible. At least we can take solace in knowing the launch is growing near.

Update: For the record, we're getting a lot of tips still saying the 8th is the new day for launch (with it being available in stores on the 9th)

Thanks, Aamer, for the heads up