Bing Election Landing page

Microsoft has used its Bing search engine to keep track of previous U.S. elections, but now the engine is expanding its features to offer users a way to see where each candidate in the current 2016 U.S. Presidental race stand on a variety of important issues, along with how the general public feels about them as well.

Bing Elections

The new feature is called the Bing Political Index (BPI) and Microsoft describes how it will work:

"The BPI was built by the Bing Predicts team by crunching terabytes of search and social data, together with expert candidate analysis from, through machine learning models. BPI assigns a candidate score and a public score for ten of the key issues that shape the 2016 election cycle: education, environmental issues, tax reform, abortion, gun control, immigration reform, drug policy, LGBT rights, healthcare and Social Security. Both the candidate and public scores are dynamic—as each candidate's campaign unfolds, and as public conversations heat up, the BPI will be updated on a monthly basis to reflect those shifts and incorporate issues as they arise."

"To dig deeper into a candidate's positions, hover over each candidate's issues page to see his or her candidate score across the ten issues. You can also compare two candidates' BPI scores at the same time."

Bing is also including an election timeline that shows when past and future major events will take place, such as debates, primary and caucus voting dates and locations and more.

Source: Microsoft