Bing it on

BYOSE - 'Bing' Your Own Search Engine

Microsoft has kick-started the ‘Bing it on’ challenge, which puts Bing against Google to see which search engine can provide more relevant results. Google has been regarded as the most accurate search engine with Bing still claiming grounds and improving algorithms to catch up to the #1. Has Microsoft really achieved wonders with Bing?

According to research from an independent study to test which search results members of public prefer, Bing web search was chosen over Google almost 2:1. Sampling nearly 1,000 people cross the US, participants were required to have used a major search engine in the past month. In the test, those involved were shown SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) from both Bing and Google for 10 search queries of their choice.

Shown side-by-side and without branding, the SERPs were analysed by participants to determine which returned more relevant results that were useful. Three choices were available – “Left side search engine”, “Right side search engine”, and “Draw.” After 10 searches votes were counted to determine the winner (Bing, Google, or a draw). 57.4% chose Bing more often, 30.2% chose Google more often; 12.4 % resulted in a draw.

Bing it on Results

‘Bing it on’ encourages web surfers to try out Microsoft’s search engine to see if it really is better than their current choice. It’s much like a browser comparison in a way as people have personal preferences. You can head on over to the challenge (it appears to be US-only) and take part in 5 rounds, where Bing and Google results are shown on-screen together in harmony.

Source: Bing it on, via: Bing Blog