We've struggled in the past to figure out the logic behind Microsoft's naming conventions. And about a year a go we thought things were going to get better.

More recently, we learned of the upcoming cloud services – Skybox, Skyline and Skymarket. See the pattern?

But an Engadget tipster may have thrown a bit of a wrench into that small sliver of sanity. Getskybox.com has made an appearance, though you can't actually sign up yet. (And you may be met by a certificate error. Just plow through that.) And there the service gets a new name: Microsoft My Phone. Run file facepalm.exe now.

You can, however, go to the "More info" page, where we learn the following:

  • The service will be for Windows Mobile 6 (and up) phones.
  • You'll get 200 megabytes of storage space. Interesting, because the Live Mesh beta currently gives you 5 gigabytes.
  • The service will be free "at this time."
  • You'll download an app to your phone. (The install link on the page doesn't work at the time of this writing.)
  • Back up your contacts, calendar, photos and other info to the MS cloud.
  • Access your contacts and calendar online.
  • Share photos.

Obviously we're not privy to all of the app's settings yet, but it looks like the default will be to sync your data once a day, between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Hope that's customizable.

So, for now, we're going to try not to be distracted by what could turn out to be another abomination of a branding scheme and instead focus on the services. And ponder how much of this may be built in to Windows Mobile 7, or, hopefully, 6.5.

Update: Yeah, the site was down for a while. It's back up now, sans log-in links. lol.