Windows 10

If you were hoping for a slightly early release for Windows 10, those hopes may have been dashed this week by Microsoft's chief operating officer Kevin Turner. He has now told a Japanese media outlet that the final release of Windows 10 is due "early this fall.".

This position is a slight change from Turner's statements last week, when he spoke to the Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference. At that time he stated, " .. by next late summer and early fall we'll be able to bring out this particular OS." However, the "late summer" time frame is apparently out of the picture for Windows 10, according to what Turner told the Japanese news service Nikkei this week.

This change means that Windows 10 will be released close to three years after the launch of Windows 8. Some of you may remember that several months ago, Microsoft was rumored to launch Windows 10 sometime in April 2015, back when it was referred to by its code name "Threshold" (and also sometimes as Windows 9). Now it would appear that Windows 10 will be released on a date that's close to the company's typical development time frame between major revisions of the OS.

Major new updates for Windows 10 might still be launched on a faster basis after it is released to the public. The preview version of Windows 10 already has code in place that, in theory, will enable Microsoft to quickly issue new features to users, rather than make them wait for an all new edition of the OS.

Source: Reuters