Goodbye dancers. While the first ads for Microsoft's Surface tablet were geared around either dancing or comparing it with the iPad, when it comes to the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has made the smart decision to highlight what it is that makes the tablet so great. From the keyboard to the display to the pen — with its easy activation of OneNote — this ad hits all the right points. It's not trying to be abstract, it's not trying to be cheeky, and it's not making the case that it should be compared to the iPad or any other tablet.

No, Microsoft is finally making the point we've been telling them to make all along: the Surface can replace a laptop. It helps that this is done in a fast-paced and well-produced spot that gets direct and to the point: here's the pen, here's the kickstand, here's the keyboard — all of it in action. Microsoft has struggled with their Surface advertising before, and we're glad to see them stepping up and making an ad that really highlights what's great about a product instead of just how it's different from another product.

Give it a watch and let us know what you think.

Source: Surface (YouTube)