Carrier IQ

Within the last few days, the Carrier IQ (CIQ) saga has really made headlines amongst the mobile market. The software, designed to collect data from users on their mobiles so carriers can better understand how phones are being used, has come across as sophisticated spyware. Or at the very least, caused serious concern amongst the security-conscious.

We wrote about in detail here and at the time speculated that Windows Phone was exempt due to the way the OS was designed, including how Microsoft controls its modification.  We also asked ChevronWP7 member Rafael Rivera to do a quick security analysis of  the Windows Phone OS and he found no evidence of Carrier IQ being on board, much as we suspected.

Joe Belfiore

Today, corporate vice president and director of Windows Phone Program Management Joe Belfiore finally chimed in on the matter as well, seemingly putting the issue to rest: Windows Phones do not have any Carrier IQ software installed. While good news for our phones, this does leave Android and (old) iOS still exposed. Since the drama started, RIM, Nokia and Verizon have publicly stated that they do not have CIQ on any of their devices (see more at The Verge).

Now we can add Windows Phone to that list too and due to the backlash, we're betting it will stay that way.