Microsoft Band

During today's keynote at WPC, Microsoft COO, Kevin Turner, briefly mentioned some new hardware that Microsoft is working on. Of particular interest is that the next Microsoft Band is currently in development. This isn't necessarily a surprise, we've heard rumblings of a successor for a little while now, but to get some official confirmation is always comforting.

The current Microsoft Band has been a successful endeavour for Microsoft despite the limited reach. It flew off the store shelves in the U.S. before expanding to the UK earlier this year. While the response has been generally positive there's plenty that Microsoft could do to improve upon it. Developers can now begin to build for Band and there have been a number of Windows Phone apps jump into the store in recent months that take advantage of it.

Beyond a "we're working on it" we didn't learn anything else. But for anyone holding out for a new one it'll no doubt be pleasing to know that they're not doing so in vain. Hopefully it'll be available to more people next time around, too.