Surface Book

As we head into the final days of the holiday shopping season, Microsoft continues to promote it's recently launched Surface Pro 4 tablet and Surface Book 2-in-1 notebook with a new series of promotion and marketing videos.

On the Surface Pro 4 site, Microsoft has given the tablet to two artists to try out for themselves. One is Kyle Landry, who is a pianist and YouTube musician, and the other is Justina Blakeney, an artist and designer. It looks like Microsoft wants to see how these people will use the features of the Surface Pro 4 to help them in their creative endeavors.

For the Surface Book videos, Microsoft gives the notebook to professional photographer Ravi Vora, along with the visual effects team at Corridor Digital, who have made some incredible looking short VFX videos for their YouTube channel. Again, these Surface Book laptops are being offered to these creative artists to see if they will help in their work.

Just as an extra, here's the great "Real GTA" video from Corridor Digital showing a live-action version of Grand Theft Auto 5

Source: Surface (YouTube)