Could Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro simply be a minor refresh with updated internals? Maybe.

It's been 529 days since Microsoft released the Surface Pro 4, and since then we haven't seen any new Surface Pro devices hit the market. For a 2-in-1, 529 days is actually pretty old, so we're just about due for a new Surface Pro 4 soon. And with rumors of a Spring hardware event making the rounds, we might just get one.

According to long-time Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott, Microsoft's upcoming Surface tablet might just be a refreshed Surface Pro with Kaby Lake and other updated internals. If true, the new Surface Pro will be a minor refresh over the last one, likely sporting the very same design and possibly even ports, although we're really hoping Microsoft adds a USB-C port for future-proofing.

Also worthy of note is WalkingCat on Twitter recently found an updated image of what appears to be a Surface Pro 4, but the date on the image has changed to 05/09/2017. What's more, considering BUILD is right around the corner, might that be the perfect time to announce a new bit of hardware? Most press will be in Seattle on May 9 preparing for BUILD which starts on the 10th, so perhaps May 9 (or any time during BUILD) would be a perfect time to announce new hardware if there is any.

This is a bit of a stretch, but could the updated image actually be a refreshed Surface Pro with Kaby Lake, with a planned unveiling on May 9? Who knows. In the meantime, what are you most hoping to come out of a Spring hardware event? Let us know in the comments!