Windows TV ad

Microsoft's newest television commercial does its best to promote the connections between its Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms in the form of a quick road trip with three friends.

The 60-second ad shows a woman using a Lenovo Yoga laptop creating a list of things she wants to do on a road trip via OneNote Online. She then picks up a Lumia smartphone to view that same OneNote list before she joins her two male friends on the big journey.

The commercial then shows the trio using the phone to take pictures and videos on their road trip, along with a search for somewhere to eat. One of the apps that's used in the commercial is Vine, which ironically hasn't been updated for Windows Phone devices in nearly a year. A Windows tablet is also shown accessing OneDrive to store images.

This new commercial shows that Microsoft still isn't done promoting its own Windows software and hardware platform, even as it expands its support for iOS and Android. Do you use Windows in the same way that's shown in the TV ad?

Update: It now appears this ad is an edited version of a previous commercial for the Nokia Lumia 930 but with all references to Nokia and Lumia removed and the Microsoft logo with Windows devices added at the end.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube)