Microsoft has debuted yet another TV ad, this time for Windows 10. It focuses on how Marshall and Megan Dostal use the OS in their small but growing soap, lotion and cleaning product business.

The video, posted on the Windows YouTube channel, is a bit different than Microsoft's previous Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book commercials. It concentrates on how the Dostals use Windows 10 to, for example, keep up with their meetings via Cortana or to quickly add a spreadsheet into a presentation. It is supposed to show how Windows 10 PCs can help small businesses in addition to regular consumers.

Microsoft has also posted a longer 2 minute version of the commercial that goes into more detail on the Dostals and their business. The company uses waste oil from restaurants that is converted to biofuel for its vehicles. It then uses the byproduct of that conversion, glycerin, to create its soap and cleaning products.