Microsoft is rumored to launch two flagship Windows 10 Mobile smartphones later in 2015: the Lumia 950 XL (codenamed Cityman and the Lumia 950 (codenamed Talkman). A recent report claims that both devices could support Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology that has allowed other smartphones to charge their batteries up much faster than normal.

This report, from ITHome, isn't much of a shock since Talkman reportedly will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor inside while Cityman is rumored to have the more powerful Snapdragon 810 one. Both chipsets are already known to support the Quick Charge 2.0 and many recent Android smartphones with Qualcomm processors already support the feature.

Our sister site Android Central has done an extensive write-up about Quick Charge, including this bit:

"The tech works by knowing the current condition of your battery and intelligently regulating the power your device is receiving. As a result, your phone will not charge from 70 percent to 100 percent nearly as fast as it will from 0 percent to 60 percent. This is why you see almost every Quick Charge ad brag about the ability to go from "dead" to over "half-charged" in as little as 30 minutes."

Indeed, the ability to quick charge your phone is a top selling point for mobile. Even some Lenovo laptops like the X1 Carbon can charge the battery by 50% in just 30 minutes. The notion that Microsoft would license and enable the feature for their flagship phones in 2015 should be quite evident. However, in case you did not know, now you do.

Source: ITHome