Microsoft continues its marketing push for its Internet Explorer web browser with four new TV commercials that the company just uploaded on YouTube. As with previous ads for IE, the new clips focus on the version made for touchscreens such as IE 11 for Windows 8.1.

One of the ads, Trivia Night shows a woman participating in her local bar's trivia competition. Using IE11 on her windows 8.1 tablet, she's able to search the Internet quickly for an answer to a particular question. Yes, it's a tad shady to search the net during trivia night, but that's not really what this commercial is about.

Yet another IE commercial, Breakfast Table shows a son and his father reading the news at home in the morning. While old fashioned Dad has his newspaper, the son naturally reads his stories on a tablet with IE11, and its Reading View option is highlighted to show that the browser can replicate the look of a book or newspaper.

The third clip Sick Day, finds a man in bed who is looking to play hooky from work and practice his snowboarding techniques. Using IE11 in combination with the multi-app support of Windows 8.1 allows the man to take a Skype call from his boss, and trick him into thinking he's sick, while still scanning the snowboarding resorts on the browser.

Finally, there's Calm, which finds a woman at work in her cubicle working on her Surface tablet with IE11. She needs a break from her everyday tasks, and the video shows IE11 giving her that peace as she watches a video of nothing but clouds in the full screen view of the browser.

What do you think of these four latest Internet Explorer TV ads and how do they compare with previous commercials for the browser?

Source: Internet Explorer on YouTube