As promised a few weeks ago, Microsoft is giving software developers a chance to check out early APIs from its Project Oxford machine learning efforts. Specifically, the company has released public preview versions of its Speaker Recognition and Video APIs.

Project Oxford has already been used to develop tools for photo facial recognition apps. Those tools have been used by Microsoft to scan photos so they can predict how old a person is by just scanning a picture. Now these new APIs will expand those efforts into voice and video. Here's how Microsoft describes its tools:

"The Speaker Recognition APIs helps to recognize users and customers (speakers) from their voice. While Speaker Recognition APIs are not intended to be a replacement for stronger authentication tools, they do provide additional authentication measures to take security to a next level. Another way Speaker Recognition APIs can be used is to enhance customer service experience by automatically identifying the calling customer without the need for an agent to conduct a question and answer process to manually verify a customer's identity."

" The Video APIs makes it easy to analyze and automatically edit video using Microsoft video processing algorithms to detect and track faces in video, detect when motion has occurred in videos with stationary backgrounds, and smooths and stabilize videos."

Source: Microsoft