Microsoft files Inconspicuous Mode Patent

Our Windows Phones are great devices to keep you in touch. Either through actually using it as a wireless telephone, checking your email, chatting through text messages, surfing the web or accessing your favorite app or game. But there are some occasions where your Windows Phone, or any other smartphone for that matter, can be rather annoying.

Occasions such as a movie theater when someone pulls out there Windows Phone to check a missed call and the screen lights up the room. Or when you're in a meeting and the chime sounds for an incoming text that interrupts your bosses in mid-speech.

Microsoft hopes one of their latest patent filings will help your Windows Phone be more discrete. The "Inconspicuous Mode for Mobile Devices" is designed to dim the brightness of your screen and the audio disabled.

The "Inconspicuous Mode" can be tripped automatically based on environmental conditions (ambient light, noise conditions) using an onboard sensor or manually.

Who knows... maybe this is a sign we may be seeing ringer profiles, like we had on Windows Mobile phones, make a come back. The automatic aspect of all this would come in handy for those times we forget to switch things to silent.  Might even keep some of us out of the dog house.

Source: US Patent Office, via: CNET; Thanks, pedenske, for the tip!