microsoft smartwatch

A couple of days after new rumors hit the Internet claiming Microsoft is close to announcing some kind of wearable tech device, the Federal Communications Commission has approved a new "Mobile Wireless Device" from the folks at Redmond.

There's no sketch of the device in the FCC listing (the image above is from an old Microsoft patent filing) but Microsoft has given the device the model number "1619". It also says it comes in 'Small, Medium and Large sizes" and there's a Bluetooth LE radio inside all three versions.


While the filing is still pretty vague, it's the strongest direct evidence that Microsoft is close to announcing this wearable device. Previous rumors claim it will support iOS and Android as well as Windows Phone products and will have a battery life of about two days. Hopefully we will get all of our questions answered about this product soon. In the meantime, what features would you like to see in a Microsoft-made wearable product?

Source: FCC via WindowsPhoneDaily