Satya Nadella

Cyanogen is a startup behind the popular Android mod, which is preloaded on the affordable One Plus One smartphone. What makes this interesting is how numerous big brands are watching the company as a potential purchase or partner. According to The Information, Microsoft is one of these companies and Satya Nadella has previously sat down with the folk behind CyanogenMod. Since the version of Android is picking up steam, it's clear to see how the company could be viewed as a potential acquisition or partner.

Fans of CyanogenMod in the Android community boast about how they prefer the mod experience over what Google provides with main OEM manufacturers. If Cyanogen continues to grow within the Android ecosystem, it could provide multiple opportunities for Microsoft, one being to more effectively provide services and apps without having to deal with Google directly. We already know how sensitive and strained the relationship between the two giants is, just look at the YouTube mess on Windows Phone, which has still not been addressed in almost four years.

What Microsoft would do with Cyanogen is unknown at this point in time, but there are certainly reasons why Nadella (and Microsoft as a whole) would be interested. There's also the whole Nokia X thing.

Source: The Information