Photos taken inside Microsoft's Surface office in Redmond, Washington seem to tease that the company has a new Surface-branded product that's scheduled for a 2016 launch, with three more due in 2017.

The images were taken by developer Shubhan Chemburkar ‏and posted on his Twitter account (via Winbeta) during a recent visit to Microsoft's campus:

The placeholder for the 2016 product is particularly interesting, especially since there have been rumors about Microsoft working on a Surface-branded all-in-one PC for the living room, which may or may not be launched this year. Our sources claim that the launch timeframe will depend in part on the availability for Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake 14 nanometer processor. The three 2017 placeholders could indicate the launches of new Surface tablets in that time period, or the successor to the Surface Book 2-in-1 notebook. It might also hint at the release of the much-rumored "Surface" phone.

It's important to note that these placeholders at Microsoft's offices are just that: placeholders. Schedules for product releases can change, and we have even seen Microsoft flat out cancel the launch of a new Surface device just days before it was supposed to be officially announced: the "Surface Mini" tablet in 2014.