We’ve been playing with Cortana for the past few weeks and it was just a few days ago that you all joined in on the fun with the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers. You know what we think about Cortana and Windows Phone 8.1 because of our review. And the community seems to be responding positively to the feature as well. Now we get to meet the principal program manager lead at Microsoft who spearheaded Cortana’s personality thanks to a new blog posting at Microsoft’s JobsBlog.

Susan Hendrich has been working on Cortana for over two years. She’s been directly responsible for Cortana’s personality – that’s both written, spoken and the circle representation. Going forward, she’ll be working on the natural language experience with Cortana.

Susan Cortana

The blog post focuses primarily on what’s it like to work at Microsoft, but we do get to learn a few interesting tidbits about Cortana.

Did you know that the Windows Phone team interviewed the personal assistants of many celebrities to find what makes them successful? This led them Susan and her team to give Cortana a personality that’s competent, caring, confident and loyal.

Check out the whole interview to learn what it’s like working at Microsoft and to learn a few other small details about Cortana. Pieces like that are important to remind us that people like you are working products we come to love.

Source: Microsoft JobsBlog