Tetra Lockscreen with Weather

Tetra Lockscreen, the Windows Phone app that Microsoft launched a few months ago as part of its Microsoft Garage project, just got its first major update. It now displays local weather information along with some other additions and fixes.

Unfortunately, the app is still only for those in the US.

Here's what's new in the 1.2 version:

Weather BETA

  • Displays local weather information
  • 3-day forecast
  • Click the city name to access MSN Weather

Bing Map background

  • Select Bing Map and press apply for a daily rotating image

Minor bug fixes

  • Appointments visible on calendar
  • Crash on 930 when switching between calendar and map
  • This version does not contain loading speed improvements (wip)

Apparently, Tetra Lockscreen does not work on all Windows Phone devices; it's unavailable for the Lumia 1520 for whatever reason. However, it runs well on our Lumia 830 and Lumia 930, and we bet other Windows Phones too.

Overall, the weather addition is very welcome, making this our go-to lock screen app for the moment.

QR: Tetra Lockscreen