Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows 10 universal app presentation at the Mobile World Congress 2015 trade show earlier this month has finally been posted in video form, with the company going over their strategy for giving developers a way to make an app that will work across all Windows 10-based devices.

The video, posted on Microsoft's Channel 9 site, shows how Windows 10 apps will be able to adapt to many different screens with adaptive UX. It also shows how those apps will be available from a single storefront for all Windows 10 devices, The video also shows off "Project Spartan", Microsoft's next web browser that will also be created as a universal app for Windows 10.

Microsoft recently revealed that it will label Windows 10 universal apps as "Windows apps". While Microsoft officially is sticking with the universal app strategy for Windows 10, there are unconfirmed reports that the company is still thinking about supporting Android apps in the OS as well.

Source: Channel 9; Via: Paul Thurrott (Twitter)