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By now it’s old news that the Zune Desktop as we know it will be phased out—in fact we’ve seen features already removed over the last few months.  What was to replace it though was always a bit of a mystery though there are only so many options available.

Now an image has leaked out of what appears to be the ‘companion app’ for Windows Phone and Windows 8—think of it as Zune Desktop the next generation. There's really not too much to the image though we suppose it is better than nothing.

While that app has had major redesign with even more Metro, the functionality is essentially the same as it will allow you to sync photos, documents, music, and video  from your phone, seamlessly. We’ve also heard that things like contacts on your phone will sync to Windows 8 too and vice-versa though that has yet to be detailed.

The app is expected to launch of course when Windows 8 devices go on sale in late October.

Source: the Verge