Phil Spencer

With E3 2015 now less than two months away, Microsoft's Xbox leader Phil Spencer says we can expect the company to put more emphasis on first-party games and some new IP reveals during the big video game trade show in Los Angeles.

In a series of messages on his Twitter account Sunday, Spencer says that Microsoft has started its planning for what it will reveal at E3 2015. He said:

"We should have new exclusive IP at E3. I'm trying to make this E3 more about 1st party than past E3s."

In a couple of follow-up messages on the same subject he wrote:

" Means this years E3 might feel different from past E3s but I like focusing on our games."

"This is going to be a fun year. I think it might be our best 1st party content year ever."\

E3 2015 will officially take place in the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 16-18, although Microsoft is expected to hold their annual pre-E3 press conference on June 15 in LA. Spencer has already strongly hinted that Microsoft might launch a revival of Rare's Battletoads franchise, due in part to him wearing a t-shirt with the game's logo at the company's January Windows 10 press event.

Source: Phil Spencer (Twitter)