As Halloween approaches, Minecraft is ready to haunt your Xbox One with the new Spooky Bundle. Altogether, this bundle brings three separate bits of frightful content in one package, including the Halloween Mash-up, the Halloween Battle Map and the Campfire Tales Skin Pack.

From Mojang:

The Halloween Mash-Up features a custom-built world for you to haunt, replete with a uniquely terrifying texture pack. You can get into the spirit of things by donning one of our Campfire Tales skins: from mythical monsters to horrible hauntings and other strange sightings, this supernatural skin pack is the ideal way to frighten friends this Halloween. And if your desire for devilry is not yet sated, try out the wicked new map for the Battle Mini Game - and give your friends a real nightmare!

Mojang has more tricks up its sleeve than that, however, as Minecraft Console Edition now has access to the Builder's Pack as well. The developer is billing this pack as one for the construction junkies out there, as it contains six texture packs of its own. Those include the Biome Settlers Skin Pack 1, Candy Texture Pack, Cartoon Texture Pack, Pattern Texture Pack, Plastic Texture Pack and Greek Mythology Mash-up.

Are you planning to check out all of the halloween frights in the Spooky Bundle? Let us know what you think in the comments!