At WPCentral, we’re big fans of Babaroga, makers of the unique Xbox Live game Zombies!!! Last week we revealed that Babaroga’s Minesweeper and Sudoku are both coming to Xbox Live as free, ad-supported games. Naturally the Windows Phone gaming community has a ton of interest in these two titles. So today we bring you this mini-interview with Andreja Djokovic, Babaroga CEO and Founder that delves deeper into their twists on two classic games.

Head past the break for the full interview.

Are the backgrounds customizable in these games?
[Users are] able to replace the panorama with one of their own pictures.

Powerups are an unusual addition to Minesweeper and Sudoku. How do they work?

Players can only bring a few powerups into the game with them at a time, and the selected powerups cannot be changed once a game has been started.  Using a powerup costs tokens and can have a variety of effects.

Part of the fun is discovering new powerups and their functionality. I would not want to give them away, but I would say that they vary from revealing a number on a Sudoku cell to automatically flagging a mine in Minesweeper.

How do players acquire tokens?

Tokens are gained over time, and the user is given a free refill with each level up.

How will the Leaderboards in these games work?

Leaderboards are based on difficulty, and time.  Playing on a harder difficulty will always rank higher on the leaderboard, with ties being broken by who completed it faster.

Is there any way to enable a traditional grid view in Minesweeper?

There is not, but this is something we could/should/will add in a future Title Update.

Minesweeper and Sudoku will be available on Wednesday, August 10. Each game is free and includes Xbox Live Achievements worth 50 GamerScore.