Mini Motor Racing for Windows Phone

Mini Motor Racing has found its way to Windows Phone today, offering fast, finger-friendly fun. Despite the cartoony art style and physics, this is one great game. Players work their way through various race modes, buy new cars, and upgrade their existing ones. Tracks are presented in varying weather conditions, which offers a ton of replay value even for the most familiar circuits.

I've played a bunch of this on other platforms, and the controls really are great. There are some freemium tropes slid under the radar here, but overall it's classic racing with fluid performance. Those of you with a device with 512 MB of RAM will be able to enjoy this one too, though no Xbox love here.

Go ahead and hit up the Windows Phone Store to get downloading Mini Motor Racing for $0.99 with no free trial (boo). Anybody try it out already? What do you think?

QR: Mini Motor Racing

Via: Plaffo