Flix is a nice freeware app that has been around since mid-2009. Devoted only to movie theaters and showtimes, we hadn't reported on it before because, well to be honest, it had a lot of potential but also quite a few hiccups too.

The author though has come back with a vengeance, releasing a bunch of updates since and the app is turning out to be quite impressive. Plus it's freeware/donation-ware.

It does a few things over Bing that makes it more useful:

  • Downloads seven-days worth of data
  • Kinetic scrolling/nicer UI
  • Faster and more to the point

The one downside would be it can take a few minutes to do the once-a-week download/data refresh. On my LG eXpo (see review), sporting a 1GHz Snapdragon and over WiFi, it took a solid five minutes to download everything. The upswing is of course for the next seven days I'm all set and can just grab the show times, instantly.

Graphically, the application borrows a bit from the iPhone and that's okay. The movie poster thumbnails are of great quality and the program is easy to navigate. Flix will download the film information, which is quite handy, as well as all the times in your area. Your location can be defined by a zip code, city or GPS. Likewise, you can call any theater listed directly and get directions. Have a theater you just can't stand? Simply add it to the ignore list and it won't sync in the future. A new bonus feature is the ability to SMS a showtime and theater to your contacts with a pre-written invite.

To conclude, if you're a movie buff and like having a out and out movie showtime app, then you can't go wrong with Flix.  It's not perfect but it's getting there. Go to the author's website here or at XDA.