Network Tools, developed by Flippant Entertainment, is a simple server connectivity monitor app for Windows Phone 7 with bags of potential. Allowing the user to ping a server, TCP port test and perform a HTTP request.

While the functionality is fairly limited to these three scans, the beauty of Network Tools is the ability to add websites and servers as “favorites” where you can easily check them all at once, using all three scans. The app uses a server hosted somewhere for the tests, which I think is a bonus, yet a slight drawback. Both for the reason should the server be unavailable is there a fail safe, or you wish to try ports outbound on your network?

I see a lot more being available in terms of features for future releases. For example, we could have the option to use the server provided, or use direct connection from our device. There should be live tile support where you can pin one or more (when Mango comes around) sites to your home screen which can alert you with regular scans when they go down – perfect for server administrators.

A step further would be to some how be able to include Nagios monitoring, should you have any installed for your boxes. But I can only dream. Network Tools however is a fantastic app for simply checking on the move if your website is still up or if you can connect to your mail server. While extra functionality is absent, the app has built strong foundations and has filled a gap in the Marketplace for an app of this quality for network tasks.

Network Tools is available for ₤3.99 or for an unlimited ad-supported trial on the Marketplace, and can be downloaded here (Zune link).