Your Windows Phone helps you stay in touch with friends, family, news, sports, and weather. World Weather is one app that hopes to keep you up to date with current weather conditions and forecasts.

Key features include:

  • Weather Alert Information
  • Weather Alert Push Notification
  • Current Conditions
  • My Location Weather
  • No Limit saved locations
  • 36 hour and 7 day forecast
  • Changing Live background
  • Live Tile weather update on home screen
  • Detailed conditions including sunrise / sunset, humidity, wind speed / direction, dew point, precipitation

In handling World Weather for just a short period, I found it to contain a respectable amount of weather information. The main screen will display your current temperature and six day forecast. If you tap the forecast day, a summary of the forecast will be pulled up. In tapping the current temp, you will pull up more detailed information ranging from winds to barometric pressure to dew point levels. From this detail hub, you can swipe across to view hourly temps and moon phase information.

Settings are basic covering display formats and Live Tile settings.

Background illustrations are animated. World Weather app also has a Live Tile that will display temperature information with an icon illustrating current conditions. The only bug I was able to find was that every now and then the day display would be incorrect (for example, Saturday would be displayed as Thursday).

There is a free trial available for World Weather with the full version running $.99. You can download either here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.