Mini Squadron for WP7

Remember Mini Squadron? It’s one of those Xbox Live games that was announced back in 2010 that still hasn't come out yet. We ran an exclusive preview of the Windows Phone version all the way back in April and yet the title never materialized. We’re proud to announce that changes this month, as Mini Squadron will finally launch on December 21!

A quick Mini Squadron refresher: the original game came from Supermono Studios. Fat Pebble handled the Windows Phone port, with Microsoft Studios acting as the publisher. Mini Squadron is a 2-dimensional aerial combat game. With over 60 unlockable aircraft (7 exclusive to Windows Phone) and 9 different maps (one exclusive), Mini Squadron will provide tons of plane-shooting fun.

Since we’ve already gone into detail about the gameplay and features, let’s check out the game’s soundtrack. Mini Squadron features ten midi remakes of classical tunes:

  • 'Canon in D' - Pachelbel
  • 'Fur Elise' - Beethoven
  • 'La Toupie from Jeux D’Enfants' – Bizet
  • 'Minuet' - Boccherini
  • 'Moonlight Sonata, 1st Movement' - Beethoven
  • 'Musette' – Bach
  • 'Ride of the Valkyries' – Wagner
  • 'Sugar Plum Fairy' - Tchaikovsky
  • 'Symphony No. 40' - Mozart
  • 'Waltz No. 8' – Tchaikovsky

Mini Squadron soars to Windows Phone on Wednesday, December 21 at the ground-level price of $2.99. It will not require Mango at launch, though a future update is likely.