Although the Fujitsu IS12T looks like a killer device with a 13MP camera, 32Gb of storage and a waterproof case, it is Fujitsu's first Windows Phone and it's the first WP7 device in Japan, meaning we shouldn't expect it to be perfect. And as to be expected, there are a few flaws. Evidently a famous Japanese blogger, @tunakko_, has gone public with some of the bugs and limitations:

  1. No C-mail feature. On KTTI (the carrier for the IS12T, SMS is done via data and is called C-mail. Not too surprising is the fact that Windows Phone doesn't support this, even though it sounds a lot like MMS. Fujitsu and KDDI are working on it, but a fix is not expected till January 2012.
  2. No screenshot ability. As a blogger and tech writer, Tunakko would like to use this feature. Enough said.
  3. Mapping. We're told that maps "don't look right" or more specifically, the map looks like an outline. Not so much a technical issue but rather one of mapping rights. Once again, Microsoft Japan is said to be "working on it"

The good news is that lots of shops and salespeople are being honest with customers about these limitations, but at least in Tunakko's case, this didn't happen when she bought it. Having said that, the IS12T took 39th in sales ranking during it's first week--which doesn't sound like it's on fire, but then again we know competition is stiff in Japan.

via: Nanapho 1, 2