If you’re one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of people out there who signed up for the Mint.com beta test for Windows Phone, you should check your email. Invites just went out and looking at the sheer number of ‘tips’ we received, a lot of you are anxious to get started.

Of course, the email sent merely states that they will add you when they have room, and that’s only after you agreed to a lengthy NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Or so we’re told, we would never break an NDA with Mint.com, which we’ve heard is some sort of financial service.

Last night, we reported that the Mint app was listed in the Windows Phone Store, but it was not yet ready to be downloaded. Looks like they were just setting up for the beta rollout, which should start in the near future. Are you excited?

Truth be told, we just look in our pockets to be updated on our financial situation. Yup, $20. All set. Who needs an app?

Thanks to the 82 of you who tipped us…every last one of you