It looks like today wasn’t going to all be about Instagram and Waze, as the official Mint app ( was also close to release. At least, that’s what the November 20 Store listing from Intuit Inc. suggests. Mint was announced as coming to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 back in June and it looks to be readying for launch. The popular financial management app is wanted by many who rely on the service, especially to access it on the go.

Reader of the site Travis B. passed on the link to us, which also has a single screenshot from the forthcoming app. However, if you click to download Mint, you are met with an error stating you don’t have permission to download, hinting that this is not yet public.

From the app description:

“Everything you love about Mint is maximized to give you the big picture view and dollars-and-cent details of your money right on your Windows Phone.”

Presumably that description will get a little more verbose upon the timed release, but for now, it and the screenshots are sparse.

You can hit the link below yourself if you’re curious, but we would not expect this app in the immediate future (read tonight or tomorrow). In fact, we bet the link goes dead soon. Instead, it appears to be undergoing some last minute changes.

Still, Mint is close enough that you can almost download it, so the time is near.

Source: Windows Phone Store (app link); Thanks, Travis B., for the tip!