Mirrors of Albion finds its way to Windows Phone

Hidden object game Mirrors of Albion has made its way to Windows Phone. Initially launched for Windows 8 and Windows RT earlier this year, Mirrors of Albion puts you in an alternate, mystical Victorian England, where you'll need to unravel the game's mysteries to overcome the evil Queen of Hearts in a unique spin on the world of Alice in Wonderland. Note that the game requires 1GB of RAM or more.

You'll need to uncover hidden objects through a variety of locations throughout London. Versions of classic Wonderland inhabitants will appear from time to time to either help or hinder your investigation. Find objects, solve puzzles, and fight crime bosses in your quest to uncover the Queen's plan. Completing puzzles will earn you experience points, which you can use to gain access to new areas.

Mirrors of Albion is free to play and comes with in-app purchases. You can use them to unlock new areas, as well as a number of helpful items.

Thanks to Moodi Darkness for the tip!

QR: mirrors of albion

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