Xbox One Promo

If this is your first time logging onto Windows Phone Central for the day you might have missed something. That something was the reveal of the next generation console from Microsoft called the Xbox One. If you weren’t tuned into the live broadcast or our live blog you’ll be feeling fairly left out right about now. No worries, the Xbox channel over on YouTube has you covered with some highlights of the day.

Head on over to the official Xbox channel and you’ll see nine videos for your perusing. It’s not the whole broadcast of the event (which we’re guessing will be up later), but some highlights that you should not miss. Naturally we’ve embedded the most important of the videos, the reveal of the Xbox One.

If you don’t have time for all videos, you’ll want to at least watch the trailer for Quantum Break – an exclusive new IP for the Xbox One. Also don’t miss the behind the scenes video where you get a short glimpse of Studio B – the place on Microsoft’s Redmond campus.

Any favorite videos? Thoughts of the event? Sound off below.

Source: YouTube, Via: Major Nelson