(See that big ol' rumor tag? Heed it. What we have here are some rumors from a new source, who, to be honest, is not completely verified. Having said that, what they say will be announced this week at MIX11 is in line with other things we've been hearing officially and unofficially--meaning this is all very plausible. So lets get to it...)

This coming week, Microsoft is hosting their developer conference in Las Vegas, NV, aptly called MIX. They usually announce new tools for developers and roadmaps for features there as well, so it's kind of a big deal as we get a look into what is coming next. Here are a couple of things developers can expect, we're told:

  • Interoperability: devs can now use both Silverlight and XNA inside a single app
  • Bundled SQL CE on the device
  • Full camera API access e.g. for augmented reality apps
  • Live tiles and push notifications will be improved and easier for developers to use
  • Sensor framework and controls - easier access
  • Silverlight 4 for Windows Phone
  • Full network / sockets access (we've heard this before)
  • More on 'Mango'

Like we said, none of the above is exactly crazy and we can totally see Microsoft giving Windows Phone developers these tools, which would really advance the platform. Of course, there's only one way to find out and we'll be there all week covering the event to see if any of this pans out. Fingers crossed.

Source: @WindowsPhone8 (personal communication)