Yesterday we covered Microsoft's official MIX11 app for next week's big ol' dev conference in Las Vegas (yes, we'll be there) as well as two other third party apps, which are just as good.

Today, we have a new, but very different one from Matthias Shapiro called 'MIX11 Outsider' and it's like a Foursquare plus MIX11:

MIX11 Outsider is the MIX11 app that doesn’t care about your schedule. It cares about something more important: the people you want to talk to, meet, or otherwise hang out with at MIX. Using a map of the conference floor and a simple “battleship” mapping metaphor, you can tweet, email or text your position at the conference. Don’t eat alone in awkward silence… instead find that Twitter friend who doesn’t have a clear picture of themselves in their avatar. Don’t spend half your pre-keynote time waving your hands in the air. Just tap where you are on the map and send out a link like this one.

As you can see from the video, the app is quite awesome and a great way to find out where those people are that you want to chat with. Unfortunately, Matthias has been unable to get the app through the Marketplace, meaning you'll have to sideload it before the conference--not a problem for a room full of devs, just remember to grab the XAP now to have it on hand. And look for @wpcentral / @malatesta77 at MIX11 as well, as we've just loaded up this app. [Edit: no joke, this is one of the nicest apps we've tinkered with--very fast and elegant--a must have for MIX11 attendees!]

Source: Designer Silverlight