Although yesterday had some interesting news from Microsoft: IE9, IE10 preview, dev wall, Kinect and Surface news and there were plenty of Windows Phone session, but only on "current" software and development.

Today the gloves come off.

First up, we have a nice hour and half Keynote today, which we know a big part of will be on Windows Phone. Joe Belfiore along with Scott Guthrie will be talking about the future of Windows Phone, specifically about 'Mango' and we expect new developer tools and access to APIs (see our "rumor" coverage). While that may sound dull, it's actually quite huge as it'll really unleash the hardware for devs, who can write a ton of new software.

Follow that right here as we have our live blog of that event, where you can join in the chat too. We've also embedded the livestream if you're able to watch video. It all starts at noon eastern, 9 pacific.

The rest of the day are "Sessions", which are 45 min talks dealing with, yes, Windows Phone 7. Some of those talks today which we'll be going to are listed here. These "secret" sessions had no titles/descriptions until it leaked yesterday, that's because they deal with features/things not yet announced--until this morning's keynote, that is.

So stay tuned here as we'll have some video of the talks, photos and we'll see anything else that we can dig up. But in short, we're expecting a big day around here, so stay tuned.