Mixtapes is free music app for your Windows Phone that taps into the vast collection of music tracks over at 8tracks. It is a simple yet effective app that has just been updated to become mango-fied.

Version 2.0 brings the following new features into play:

  • Search by artists as well as by tags
  • Deep link into Zune marketplace from the track list
  • Instantly search for other mixes that include the same artist
  • Ability to configure Mixtapes to only play music when you have a working WiFi connection
  • Pause and skip songs or mixes even when your phone is locked
  • Find recently played mixes in the Music+Video hub and the app’s home screen

Mixtapes also has fast resume and the ability to play music in the background as you move around your Windows Phone. You still have the ability to log into your 8tracks account which will let you tag mixes as favorites, like and comment on mixes.

Mixtapes is a free application for your Windows Phone and you can find the updated version here at the Web Marketplace.