At Bat Windows Phone

Last season, Major League Baseball fans on Windows Phone went half the season without an official app in the Windows Phone Store. It wasn’t until August that At Bat 13 came out, which, while disappointing, was better than nothing. Are we in for another round of déjà vu this year with an entire season of baseball slipping away before we see a new app out for Windows Phone? Nope. At Bat 14 is coming next month.

A recent blog post on the MLB’s website shares a little piece of information that a lot of you have been waiting to hear. Here’s the snippet from the post that you all care most about:

"A Windows Phone 8 version of At Bat is expected to be available in March."

They don’t go into detail on when in March, but it’s a better timeframe than not knowing. (Edit: According to another page on MLB's website you can look forward to March 21 as the day the app becomes available. Thanks everyone!)

At Bat 14 just launched on iOS, Android, Kindle and BlackBerry. Yes, even BlackBerry has the app before Windows Phone. Anyways, on those platforms the app brings some new features for this season. Look forward to redesigns, additional push notifications and more. This is on top of the base features of being able to watch replays, live audio for games, breaking news and more.

Basically if you’re a huge Major League Baseball fan this is an app you really want. We’ll let you know when the app becomes available for Windows Phone.

In the meantime, let us know which team you’re rooting for this season.

Source: MLB