Logonoff is offering the puzzle/memory game Mnemonix over at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.  Asides from being challenging to spell, Mnemonix tests your memory by having you match identical tiles that you reveal two at a time.

You have three gaming levels (easy, normal, and hard) and the number of tiles increase as you move up in difficulty. To make things more challenging, you try to match the tiles before the game clock expires. The easy level times out at about 34 seconds with the more difficult levels giving you a little more time. Yes, I know, 34 seconds seems a little odd but I checked it several times and time expires at odd intervals.

Mnemonix has just a few settings. You can turn off the vibration (each time you touch a tile, your phone vibrates) and if you need to practice without the pressure of the clock, you can turn that off as well. Mnemonix also offers three tile designs (two symbols and one numeric) to choose from.

Your final scoring is based on the number of moves it takes for you to match all the tiles, as well as your time. Mnemonix has a very clean, nice looking appearance and ran smoothly. There is a slight addictive quality to the game but nothing that keeps you glued to the game for hours.  The attraction is strong enough to keep you interested in Mnemonix for short periods of time.  It is a nice game to add to your Windows Phone that will add a little variety to your "pass the time with" gaming titles.

There is a free trial version available and the full version runs $1.29. You can find Mnemonix here (opens Zune) over at the Marketplace. Follow the break to catch a video of Mnemonix in action.