Threema is a new mobile messaging app for Windows Phone that is billed as putting privacy first with end-to-end encryption to help insure that your messages can only be read by you and its intended recipient.

We had heard rumblings that the messaging app was in the works for Windows Phone over the summer and it hit Store shelves this morning. Threema's claim to fame is the security it offers through not only its encryption but also the anonymity. You can use Threema without the need for personal information such as email addresses or phone numbers and your messages are deleted from Threema servers after delivery.

At first glance, Threema comes across as an appealing and feature rich messaging option worth considering.


Key features of Threema include:

  • Write text messages and send videos/photographs
  • Share locations
  • Send voice messages
  • Synchronize your contacts (optional)
  • All text and voicemail messages, as well as pictures, videos, and GPS locations, are end-to-end encrypted
  • Verify the identity of a contact by scanning his or her personal QR code
  • Anonymous instant messaging
  • Local files are stored encrypted on your Windows Phone

Threema is also available for iOS and Android devices enabling you to reach out to friends who don't necessarily use a Windows Phone.

The only downside to Threema could be the lack of a trial version but running only $.99, the app is priced where it won't break the bank. If you give Threema a try, let us know what you think of the new messaging app in the comments below.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!