Mobile Nations Fitness Month Week 3

The Mobile Nations Fitness month continues!

If you're joining us while we're already in progress, it's never too late and you can go read all about Mobile Nations Fitness Month in our first WPCentral Forums installment. Here's where week two leaves off and week three begins. This is where we're setting reasonable, attainable goals. This is where we're starting our pattern for pure win. This is where we're engaging the awesome!

We've started another discussion group in the WPCentral Forums to start week 3 where you can find week three's goals as well as our latest weekly prize winner!.

Remember we will randomly select one reader who chimes in on their fitness adventure weekly to win a WPCentral Accessory Store gift card. At the end of the month, we'll draw one lucky winner to take home a Xbox 360 and Kinect!

There is a special edition of Zen and Tech that has plenty of tips to stay motivated with your fitness goals but if you need more inspiration, hit the break to see the iMore and Crackberry motivational videos. Please understand we are not responsible for the trauma that might result in viewing these videos. It may be advisable to remove children and small pets from the room before viewing.

Good luck with it and let us know in the forums how it's going.