Mobile Nations Fitness Month Week 3

The Mobile Nations Fitness month is entering the home stretch with Week Four!

If you're joining us while we're already in progress, it's never too late and you can go read all about Mobile Nations Fitness Month in our first WPCentral Forums installment for weeks one and two.  You can pick up on the week three and four discussions here in the WPCentral Forums as well as who is our latest weekly prize winner!

We will keep week three's goals in play for the home stretch.  Feel free to chime in about your progress and any tips you might have to offer for getting fit.  We've covered a decent selection of Windows Phone apps to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.  You can find all our Fitness Month coverage here.  We've got a few more apps to share and if you have a favorite Windows Phone fitness/health app, feel free to suggest it for review through our tip line.

Remember we have one more weekly prize drawing to give out and when all is said and done, we will randomly select one reader to take home a Xbox 360 and Kinect!  Oh... and just in.... we're adding a runner up prize.  The Nokia Luna BT Headset!

Good luck with it and let us know in the forums how it's going.