WP Central

We wrapping up what has turned out to be a somewhat busy day here in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress--well, for Android at least. And even though tomorrow it technically kicks off, lots of companies had their press events today with new device announcements. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), there were no new Windows Phones to be shown or announced. This comes by way of three companies:

  • LG - They had a lot to discuss including eight new Android devices but no love for Windows Phone
  • Huawei - They announced three new phones all Android and tentatively a new Android tablet lending credence to the rumors that Huawei are out of Windows Phone even before they were ever really in
  • HTC - Likewise, Windows Phone supporter HTC announced three new devices today but there was not a single Windows Phone amongst them. That despite many of us expecting an "international" Titan II
  • Sony - And though we weren't really expecting anything from them, some other sites were and we're remiss to say that no, they had nothing but Android news as well. No dramatic shifts in allegiances there, folks.

All in all there was little good news happening here but we have Nokia in just a few hours as well as ZTE for device announcements today--hopefully things will pick up a bit.