Mobilize.NET Silverlight bridge preview helps developers convert apps to Universal Windows Platform

The initial preview of the Mobilize.NET Silverlight bridge for the Universal Windows 10 platform is here, allowing developers to convert their Silverlight phone apps to Universal Windows 10 apps. The Mobilize.NET bridge integrates into Visual Studio, provides an easy way for developers to migrate Silverlight 8.x apps over to a single code base that will run across all Windows 10 devices. To get started with the bridge, you simply install it then get the migration process started in Visual Studio. From Microsoft:

"Once installed, open up Visual Studio, load your WP Silverlight app, then right-click your project from the Solution Explorer and select the "Convert to UWP" option. Additionally, any project that is in the solution will be migrated."

Microsoft notes that, since this is the initial preview version, the bridge may not to a full transition, but it should take care of most of the heavy lifting. Once the transition is complete, however, your app should be able to run across PC, phone, Xbox, HoloLens, and Raspberry Pi with a single codebase.

If you're an interested developer, you can read about the Mobilize.NET Silverlight bridge and how to download the tool on Microsoft's blog post. For a much more in-depth read, you can also check out Mobilize.NET's blog post.

Sources: Microsoft, Mobilize.NET