has spotted a new Windows Mobile phone on the horizon. The Mobinnova ICE is the latest device from the company Sony has tapped to help develop the next Xperia Windows Mobile phone. While one must scratch their heads at hearing about plans for the "next" Xperia when the "first" Xperia hasn't fully hit the shelves, the Mobinnova ICE may give us some insight on what to expect.

The ICE is a WM 6.1 device with a 3" WQVGA 262K color screen. Based on the online brochure it sounds as if the ICE has dual screens; the larger main screen and a shorter navigation screen that rests just below the main screen. Otherwise it's pretty standard kit: quad-band GSM, Tri-Band 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and an FM reciever. The ICE is powered by a Qualcomm MSM7201ATM (528mhz) processor and has a modest 256mb ROM/128 RAM with a micro-SD expansion slot. Measuring 4.48" x 2.1" x .51" and weighing only 4.23 ounces, the ICE may be a very interesting device. It clocks in for 349 Euro, but what interests us is knowing that Foxconn/Mobinnova are able to build some good devices.

Also: dual-screened Xperia, anyone?