Windows 10

Windows 10 launched less than four months ago, but there's more evidence that the new OS from Microsoft continues to grow its install base on PCs at a solid rate. The latest data comes from a group of 3,800 websites run by the US government, which shows that currently, an average of 12.4 percent of its visitors on Windows-based are using Windows 10.

The number come from the Digital Analytics Program (DAP), which releases parts of its data to the public on its own website. The average 90 day time period records about 1.5 billion visits to those US government sites. As reported by ZDNet, the data shows that Windows 10 was used by 8 percent of desktop PC visitors to its sites in August, which is a massive surge since Windows 10 only launched a few days before on July 29.

Since then, the percentage of Windows 10 visitors has continued to climb up at a steady pace to its current 12.4 percent. The number of Windows 7 users has also dropped by 7 percent during the time when Windows 10 has officially launched, which may indicate a lot of older PCs have upgraded to the new OS.

ZDNet also did a breakdown of the weekday and weekend website visitor data. During the week, where business PCs are being used more to access those sites, Windows 10 PCs took up 10.6 percent of the traffic. However, on the weekends, where more PCs are accessing those sites from regular homes, Windows 10 usage shoots up to 18.1 percent.

Source: Digital Analystic Program: Via: ZDNet