Windows Mobile has taken another hit in the PR department. In a report coming from comScore, Microsoft now sits in third place behind RIM and Apple in regards to devices that are currently in use. ComScore, a research firm, conducted a monthly poll in which the inquired of respondents which type of phone the own. According to, comScore found that 14.9 million respondents use a Blackberry phone. iPhone was listed in second place at 8.9 million users, while Microsoft came in third at 7.1 million for Windows Mobile. Upwards of 196 million reported that their phone did not use a proprietary OS.

While polls of this nature aren’t perfect, this is consistent with what we’ve been hearing from other realms. One doesn’t have to search very hard to find multiple reports of the demise of Windows Mobile as a platform.

My primary question is how much of this is due to Windows Mobile being weak in the brand recognition department? Many people don’t even realize that they are using a Windows Mobile phone, much less what flavor of the OS it is running. Without a doubt, Microsoft has a high bar to shoot for with Windows Mobile 7, not the least of which is a release date that doesn’t slip into the distant future.